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Yes, they are ;)

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Q: Are randy ortons new tattoos real?
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What is the real name of randy ortons entrance song?

His new song is voices by rev theory and it is AWSOME

What is Randy Ortons new music called?

Voices By Rev Theory Voices bt rev throy

Where can you download randy ortons new music to put on a CD?

if you have msn add and ill send it to you

What band sings randy ortons new 2008 song?

Rev Theory: I Hear Voices ANSWER: Rev Theory: Voices

What is randy ortons new theme song?

its called voices by rev theory but u cant buy it on itunes Underclass Hero: well you can find it on limewire. :]

Who sings randy ortons old theme song?

voices by rev theory srz that is his new song his old song was Burn in my Light by Mercy Drive

Are Randy Orton's tattoo's real?

ya when i saw all of his tattoos when he came back i couldn't believe it. He definitely od'd on the tattoos. They don't look natural. They look ridiculous. However, he stated in an interview that his new tattoos actually have meaning to him, while his others from before were apparently just random markings he had thought looked cool. of course they look cool and yes they are real.Cat Alexander at Diablo Ink in High Ridge,MO did ALL of them.

What did the wolfpack in new moon use for their tattoos because i heard they're fake but they look real and was what they used safe?


Who is the artist of randy ortons 15th unused theme?

Motörhead, "King of Kings", Triple H, 3:58 ...Disturbed was originally approached for making a new theme for Triple H, but Motörhead made the final cut. ...performed by current Drowning Pool lead singer Ryan McCombs is a remake of ...Randy Orton also briefly used a modified version of "This Fire Burns" as his theme, ...

What is something about tattoos?

You can learn something new every day, including facts about tattoos. More women have tattoos than men.

Did new boyz have tattoos?


Randy orton new song?

Randy Orton's new song is called Voices by Rev Theory.