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Salves could not vote for many years after slavery was abolished.

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Q: After slavery was abolished why slaves could vote?
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After slavery was abolished which slaves could vote?

There were a limited number of Northern American states where blacks were legally allowed to vote. Blacks residing in the free colonies including Maryland, Delaware, New York and New Hampshire were entitled to privileges of a citizen including voting.

How did the Civil War affect the Constitution?

after the civil war The 13th(abolished slavery), 14th( all former slaves are granted citizenship), and 15th(That any citizen, no matter what race, could vote) amendments were added to the constitution.

When did slaves get the right to vote?

In simple words 1870slaves, as such, never did get the right to vote. But at the close of the Civil War they were all formally freed under the 13th Amendment to the Constitution (Bill of Rights), which abolished slavery in 1865. Former slaves were then granted the right to vote in 1870, under the 15th Amendment, which decreed that the right to vote could not be denied because of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

What happened after the 13th amendment passed?

The thirteenth amendment restricted poll taxes making it avilable for more of the popluation to vote.

Why was poll tax abolished?

Poll taxes were meant to keep former slaves, who previously had no right to vote, from voting. Because most former slaves were not very wealthy, they could not afford to pay, while more affluent white men could. It was abolished as part of the Civil Rights amendments to the Constitution to ensure voting rights.

How did the 13th 14th 15th amendments protect the rights of African Americans?

The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. The 14th Amendment states that everyone born in the U.S. is an American citizen including African Americans. The 15th Amendment gives the right to vote to all people.

What did the Founding Fathers overlook that should have been included in the Constitution?

They should have abolished slavery and given all Americans, men, women, former slaves the right to vote. They should never have created the Electoral College. All Presidents should have been elected by popular vote.

What did Radical Republicans believe the South should do before states could be readmitted?

Give free slaves the right to vote immediately

How did the three- fifth compromise help the South preserve slavery?

The Three-Fifths Compromise helped the South preserve slavery because it gave the slaves a chance to influence the government by voting. Every slaves vote counted as 60 percent of one vote.

What could slaves could and could'nt do?

Slaves could not own property or vote. They were only able to work for free for their owners, making them slaves.

What amendment fully abolished slavery?

The 13th abolished slavery, the 14th granted citizenship to those who were enslaved and the 15th granted black men the right to vote. Of course, that was just the beginning of the journey.

Which amendments are known as slavery amendments?

Amendment 13 abolishes slavery I think 15 let former slaves vote... maybe 14, too