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I think it is all in the mind. After i had both my children i still had the feeling of a baby moving around. I think your body and mind both get used to the feeling.

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Q: After a miscarriage is it possible to still feel a baby moving?
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Is fluttering a sign of a miscarriage?

No, it's the baby moving

Is it still a miscarriage if you habe a miscarriage but the baby is still inside you or is everything okay still?

A fetus can die inside you but not come out so then it is still a miscarriage. You have to see the doctor if you suspect a miscarriage.

If you have a miscarriage while the baby is still growing does it continue to grow?


What happens to the baby if its still alive after a miscarriage?

Usually a miscarriage happens because the baby passed away, before any cramping or bleeding started.

Can you have a miscarriage at twenty three weeks?

Yes. You can have a miscarriage at any stage during pregnancy. However there is a cut off where the baby becomes classed as a 'baby' (if you will) once this stage is passed a miscarriage is classed as still birth.

If i am 6 weeks pregnant can i still be pregnant or did i have a miscarriage?

you usually wont have a miscarriage after your first trimester (third month) after that you would just have a still born baby.

Can you see the featus during miscarriage?

Sometimes, it depends on how far along you are. I had a previous miscarriage and I was able to see the baby in the amniotic sac. My sister-in-law had a miscarriage, and she was able to see a very small perfect little baby. So, yes, it is possible to see the baby.l

What to do when you had a miscarriage and don't want your parents to know?

You need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even though you have a miscarriage it doesn't mean your body removed everything from the pregnancy. If you still have part of the placenta or baby inside your uterus it could cause severe infections.

What if the doctor made you bleed out on your own can you still have a healthy baby?

Yes. He just let the miscarriage have it's course. Miscarriage is very common and women have babies after that.

If you have a miscarriage a year ago but never went to the doctor should you still go?

yes, so you can see if your are still able to have a baby

Can you still have a miscarriage if you are 5 months?

Yes, although around that time the term changes to 'pre-term birth' as it is possible for a baby to survive if born alive. It is less common to lose a baby in this stage of pregnancy than in the first three months.

If a baby is in your stomach can you not have the baby?

yes and no cause if you have a miscarriage then you don't but otherwise no not possible!! A baby is never in the stomach. It is in the uterus and that makes the belly protrude. The stomach is full of stomach acid.