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Withdrawal symptoms if no alcohol is consumed for a long enough period of time.

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Q: A key characteristic of physical dependence is?
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What is the key characteristic of substance dependence?

A pattern of substance abuse that leads to significant impairment. SDT

In term of alcohol and drug use what is a physical dependence?

Physical dependence is the withdrawls you have when you stop using, emotional dependence is the mental obsession and compulsion to keep using. Check out if you believe you have dependency issues or research al-anon if someone you love is struggling with dependency

Is color a characteristic property of an element?

Yes, it is a Physical Characteristic.

Is addiction a physical dependence?

Addiction can be a physical dependence. Physical addiction is not the only form of addiction. There is also psychological addiction, which is also considered addiction. A physical dependence and a psychological dependence often coincide with one another, but they don't always have to. Usually, psychological dependence comes first. One could be addicted to alcohol psychologically, meaning they have overwhelming desire to the point that it feels like a need to drink. Drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis can lead to a physical alcohol addiction, meaning the person has to drink alcohol for their body to function. The psychological addiction may even be gone at this point, and they not want to drink anymore, however the physical addiction is still there. Another example could be in marijuana. Marijuana can be very psychologically addictive, however it causes no physical addiction. Either way, an addiction is an addiction, be it physical, psychological, or both.

Need to take a drug in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms is called?

physical dependence