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That depends on which type of mold since there are many types of molds and different molds grow better under different circumstances.

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It does not matter to most people what type of mold it is.

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Q: Which type of foods allow mold grow the slowest?
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Does mold grow on ALL FOODS?

mold does basically grow on all foods

What foods can mold grow on besides bread?

Mold can also grow on cheese.

What food can get mold?

Foods in the dairy and grain food groups can grow mold.

Does a pear grow mold?

You'll find that almost everything has the potential to grow mold. That includes foods which, when they rot, often grow mold. So yes, a pear can grow mold. I suggest you eat it before it does.

Does bread mold grow on other foods?


What causes sliced tomatoes to mold?

Mold can potentially grow on anything that is moist or damp. Tomatoes, along with many types of foods, are mosit and the nurtients in the foods provides nutrients for the mold to feed off of.

History of cheese mold?

There is not a history of cheese mold. Mold has and always will begin to grow on cheese and other foods once the food starts to spoil.

Where does cheese mold grow slowest?

In a warm, dark, environment. The warmness allows more humidity in which mold spores travel. If this touches cheese mold growth will start. There are actually thousands of mold spores floating around you right now!

How mold gets on food?

Mold get their foods from where they grow. They just live on another living body and take food and reproduce.

How does mold get nutrients?

Molds usually get their nutrients from where they grow and live. They can easily have their necessary foods from there and can grow more in number.

What type of food allow mold to grow the fastest?

If you wet raspberries then put them in a plastic bag in a dark area such as a cabinet or pantry mold will start to grow within the first 48 hours

Does mold grow on all types of food?

Yes, but it takes a while for some foods.