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Tubal ligation

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Q: What are sterilization procedures?
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What are 3 types of sterilization and disinfection in a clinic where minor procedures are performed?

Savlon, Povidone Iodine and Steamer are three types of sterilization and disinfection in a clinic where minor procedures are performed.

What is the laboratory and medical procedures employed to prevent microbial contamination are called?


The discovery of the importance in using sterilization to perform medical procedures was made by who?


What do you feel the qualifications for a payer to cover costs for sterilization procedures should be?

Some people believe that sterilization should be covered by insurance. Others believe that when it is an elective procedure, it should not be covered.

What are three ways of sterilization?

- sterilization by heat- ultraviolet sterilization- chemical sterilization

When did Doctors first learn of sterilization?

Heat (flame) sterilization of medical instruments is known to have been used in Ancient Rome, but it mostly disappeared throughout the Middle Ages resulting in significant increases in disability and death following surgical procedures.

Is cold sterilization the same as chemical sterilization?

Yes. Chemical sterilization and cold sterilization are the same thing.

What diseases can you get from tattooing?

Tattoos can lead to the transmission of infectious diseases, such as hepatitis B and C, and theoretically HIV, when proper sterilization and safety procedures are not followed.

What is chemical sterilization?

what is chemical sterilization

Is sterilization reversible?

Most sterilization is reversible.

What does sterilization do?

Sterilization is a process that kills microorganisms.

What is gas sterilization?

This is a procedure of sterilization using a gas.

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