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Q: The discovery of the importance in using sterilization to perform medical procedures was made by who?
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What is the laboratory and medical procedures employed to prevent microbial contamination are called?


What are the uses of chemical sterilization agents?

Sterilization of medical instruments and equipments.

When did Doctors first learn of sterilization?

Heat (flame) sterilization of medical instruments is known to have been used in Ancient Rome, but it mostly disappeared throughout the Middle Ages resulting in significant increases in disability and death following surgical procedures.

What is food sterilization?

Sterilization is the process of destroying microorganisms from food, medical instruments, etc.

WHY IS IT use of sterilization?

This is the use of medical equpment.

What is the medical term meaning surgical removal of a duct that results in male sterilization?

Vasectomy is the medical term meaning male sterilization by removal of part of the vasa.

Describe how gamma rays are used in sterilization of medical products?

One of the features of the Gamma rays is that they are very penetrating. It is for this reason that they are commonly used in the sterilization of the medical equipment that are disposable.

How you perform equipment sterilization in water bath?

cold sterilization can and is done in a soak of Cidex solution (glutaraldehyde) in the medical field. Sterilization can be done with steam, gas, and solutions like Cidex.

What technique is most effective in destroying spores in a medical laboratory?


What are the uses of Sterilization?

Killing of microorganisms from foods, medical instruments, etc.

Importance of chemistry in medical technology?

Chemistry is the building block/foundation of medical technology. The laboratory procedures and analysis should include higher knowledge in chemistry. To make it short, medical technology cannot function without chemistry.

What is the medical term meaning Sterilization procedure?

Female: salpingectomy Male: vasectomy

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