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usually when you hit purity

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Most people start using deodorant around puberty, usually between the ages of 10 and 14. This is when the body starts producing more sweat and body odor due to hormonal changes. It's a good idea to start using deodorant when you begin to notice body odor or sweat that you want to control.

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Q: What age should you start using deodorant?
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What age should a girl should wear deodorant?

The average male should start wearing deodorant about age 13 or 14. Or when puberty hits

What age do you start using deodorant?

About 9 for boys and girls

if you are a 13-year-old boy, do you need deodorant?

Yes, body odor does start around that age so I recommend using it

When should girls start wearing deodrant?

There's no specific age when a girl should start wearing deodorant, everyone is different so develops differently - although not everyone always needs to use deodorant, many teens do need deodorant and/or antiperspirant due to increased sweating during puberty. Generally speaking once a girl goes into puberty - between ages 10-13 - it's a good idea for her to start getting into the habit of improving her grooming and using items like deodorant.

What age should a girl start using makeup?

I think about 12

Should your 7 year old need deodorant?

yes a 9 year old can use deodorant theres really no harm as long as you use it properly even though 9 year olds can sweet an age were a child would have to use deodorant all the time is about 11 up that's when the body would sweet a lot more and would start to really stink

When do boys start to wear deodorant?

Hi, well I have a son who started to wear deodorant at the age of 9 up to 10 years old. My son now is 11. I hope i answer you question.

When is the best time to use a deodorant?

In my opinion you will need deodorant when your armpits will start to smell bad for no reason a girl should start at the age of 10 to 12 years old and a boy 11 to 13 years old the reason a girl need it earlier cuz a girl get puberty more faster than a boy

Can a 13 year old buy deodorant alone in the UK?

Of course! Deodorant is not age related.

What age should you be to use pore strips?

You could start using them when you begin puberty to help clear your pores.

Should kids start driving at age ten?

no. they should start driving at age 2.

Can 10 year olds use deoderent?

It depends if you are 9 and you like to play sports or you work out and get all sweaty, then yes.......But if you just want it to be cool then don't because when you get older it's just a hastle