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Noo that's two different holes.

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Q: Is the pee hole the hole where you finger yourself?
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What hole do you put your finger in to figer yourself?

either You can finger a girl in the vagina (if you know where it is) if you want but she will appreciate you more if you can find and finger her clitoris (clit). This is the tiny knob found at the top of her labia.

When was Google invited?

The day you started touching yourself Joseph bonds you have no friends and you finger yourself up your butt hole

Can you pee out your finger?


Should you ever put your fingers in your pee hole to pleasure yourself?

yes yes i have been doing for years

How do you pee in English toilet?

you JUST pee in the hole dumb a$$

What does it mean when a male goes 2 pee and the pee hole is stuck together?

Take a pin and stick it in the hole

What are the different ways of infection?

to de pee-pee hole

What would be a good way for a girl to mastrabate?

Try water pressure. If you have a tub, turn the water on warm and lie on your back in a slightly filled tub and scoot your butt up against the wall. Put your legs strait up and against the wall with the tub...spickot thing...and spread them apart.

Im a guy and you dont no what hole you finger a girl in?

See the clit? under it there's a hole, that's where you finger her, or you could just finger her ass...

How many fingers do you need to play the note F on the recorder?

You would need 6 fingers to play F sharp(#). You need your left-hand thumb on the only hole on the bottom, your index finger on the 1st hole on the top(B), your middle finger on the 2nd hole(A), and your ring finger on the3rd hole(G). You need your middle finger of your right-hand on the 5th hole, and your ring finger on the 6th hole(F#)! You need 7 fingers to play F natural. As I said before, you need B, A, & G. Then you need your index finger on the 4th hole of your right hand, your middle finger on the 5th hole(E), your pinky on the 7th hole(F natural)!

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Can someone finger you if your on your period?

Yes. You can stick your finger in any hole