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The gig is in Time Square for Guitar and Bass The gig is in Time Square for Guitar and Bass

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Q: What gig is BYOB by system of a down inin guitar hero world tour?
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Do any of the Guitar Hero games have System Of A down songs on them?

Guitar Hero World Tour has BYOB on it. That's it though.

Who sings BYOB?

System of a Down

BYOB was written by who?

The song 'BYOB' is by System of a Down. But was written by Daron Malakian and Serj Tankian.

What is better system of a down or Judas priest?

System of a down-BYOB great song!

Which band's song is 'BYOB'?

The famous song 'BYOB' sings the Armenian alternative band System Of A Down so called SOAD.

What does byob mean in text?

in the text of system of a down it means Bring your own bombs

Who was BYOB by system of a down intended for?

its kind of an anti-bush anti-blair intended song.

When did System of a Down record the song called BYOB?

The System of a Down recorded the song BYOB or Bring Your Own Bombs in 2004. It was released on March 29, 2005 on the record entitled, "Mezmerize". The song length is four minutes and fifteen seconds.

What is the hardest song on guitar hero world tour?

B.Y.O.B by system of a down for bass Satch Boogie for guitar Beat It for singing Assassin for drums (O_o)

What type of guitar does System of a Down use?

they use a guitar with strings as opposed to a guitar without a strings and it is red

What are some of the most famous songs by System of a Down?

System of a Down is an Armenian American rock band that has released five studio albums. The most famous songs from these albums include Chop Suey, Aerials, BYOB, and Lonely Day.

What does the letters stand for in BYOB from system of a down the band?

it stands for Bring Your Own Bombb=bring y= your o= own b= bombbyob=bring your own bomb

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