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channel 9

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Q: What channel can you turn to on a CB radio for police assistance?
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you go to the pokègear (that thing with the phone) and jumps ower to the radio and just turn on a radio channel

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Where do you find the XM radio code on a 2004 Pontiac Montana?

If a vehicle, like the 2004 Pontiac Montana has an XM Radio built in, the code to program the radio is found on Channel Zero. Tune the radio to XM then turn the tuner to Channel Zero.

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Should be able to turn your radio to channel 0 and it should display your id #.

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FM receivers are used through your car charging jack. The FM receiver has a button to push, and find a channel. When this channel is displayed, turn your radio to the identical match and your iPod music should play through the radio.

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Any radio acting like that needs to be cleaned well, with alcohol and canned air. It usually helps, usually somthing sticky has been spilt on it.

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Turn That Radio On was created in 1991.

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