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This happened right after a new battery was installed on my 2007 EX model. I got some assistance fromthe Honda dealership technician to resolve the issue.

1. Turn off the engine and place the key in Radio position and turn off the radio.

2. While pressing #1 and #6 at the same time,turn on the radio now.

3. You will see a sequence of digits displayed on the screen that you need to read it to the technician.

4. Now you will see the radio displays 'CODE'.

4. In turn, he will ask you to punch in a different set of digits to unlock the radio.

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2013-04-17 14:23:44
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Q: What to do when a Honda Odyssey radio shows a code x?
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How can get Honda Odyssey 2006 radio code?

vin number

Where can I find the radio Code for my 05 Honda Odyssey Touring?

The Honda dealer has a proceedure for that at no charge.

How do I reset radio in 2003 Honda Odyssey?

There is a 5 digit code in the glove box.

How do you reset the radio after replacing the battery in a Honda odyssey 2007?

Using the radio preset button insert the 5 digit code. If you do not know the code click the link and sign up at the Honda Owners link. There you can get the code for free.

How do I make the clock and radio work after installing a new battery in a 2007 Honda Odyssey?

In your owners manual, there should be a radio code & how to enter it.

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How do you input code for Honda Accord lx when is shows erre?

The Honda Accord was produced from the years 1976 to present. The best way to input the code for the Honda Accord LX when it shows ERRE is to type in the 5 digit code in the radio. The code can be found on the anti-theft radio identification card.

How do you unlock a 2004 Honda Odyssey radio with the code ErrE?

If you have already tried to enter a code many times, and it doesn't work, do the following: 1. Disconnect the battery, 2. Connect the battery, 3. Put Radio ON 4. Enter the radio code of 4 digits, 5. That's all. If you don't have the radio code of your Honda Odyssey, have on hand its VIN, and ask your former salesperson or your former dealer.

How do you unlock the radio after replacing the battery in a 2004 Honda Odyssey?

Check the manuals that came with the vehicle. There should be a card that has the code on it.

How do reset a Honda Odyssey after battery replacement?

There is nothing to reset except the radio. Insert the 5 digit radio code to reset the radio and then reset the clock and presets for stations.

What does service code A15 mean on 2005 Honda Odyssey?

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