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Cheerleaders outfits (most guys have legs women would love to have), maids are popular, hippie costumes can often be interchangeable, nurse uniforms, many of the Disney type costumes work well, pirates, police, bride ... anything ultra feminine is usually a big hit.

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Q: What are good costumes to dress a guy up as a girl?
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You lost a bet and have to dress up as a girl for a day you are a guy and it needs to be really good?

Wear a dress all day

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If your talking about girl stuff don't know if your talking about guy stuff maybe um Guy wear!

Are there girl minions on the movie Despicable you?

The only girl minions are despicable me but they are the guy ones in costumes. Other than that, no

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if your a guy dress like a G if your a girl drees like pam Anderson

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Dude, don't dress like a girl... That's lame

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Neither, I am a good girl. :)

How do you do get a guy to love a girl?

just dress like a normal girl and act like hes not even there. he will eventually fall for the girl.

How do tv reporters dress?

Wear suits if your a guy or a formal dress if your a girl. For example if its summer you can wear a floral dress. If your a guy a button down shirt or suit is acceptable. Make sure to wear make-up.

Do girl like when guy dress skater or preppy?

I personally like the preppy look:)

Do you have to be a guy to dress up as boy george?

hehehe no you can be a girl you'll look more like him as a girl anyway :D

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Im a guy and to tell you the truth it has to be your personality and still look hot. If your not good in the personality than try to make up the personality fault with the looks good. To dress to a guys liking you have to dress slutty or dress like a normal girl it's up to you but for personality it has to like a normal girl but you not a afraid to be dirty like stick your boobs in someones face or give someone a hicky. I will warn you watch out for the other girls they will get jelous

Do you know any cute Halloween costumes for a pair me and my really good guy friend want our Halloween costumes together like peanut butter jelly 3 muskateers etc. Any ideas?

You could be Adam and Eve, or an electric plug and an electric outlet. You could go as Thing 1 and Thing 2 or Angel and Devil or Good Fairy Bad Fairy (but if its a guy that good fairy bad fairy might not work but maybe for some friends)or if you want to be unique you could go as A Baker and a cupcake, hope you have fun ,Good Luck You can get a lot of ideas at There is a couple spot on the website. _ You could cross dress he could be a girl and you could be a dude