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thongs are important.

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Wear a dress all day

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Q: You lost a bet and have to dress up as a girl for a day you are a guy and it needs to be really good?
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Were can you get a good dress?

Bells, the mall, even look on the internet,but nobody really needs a good dress. Youre already beautiful

What type of present do you get for a girl who's really into fashion?

I would get jewelry, some sort of clothing (a dress or a cute shirt), or a bag/purse. Good luck!

I have a bff kira but a girl moved that ismy age and shes rude to me and now this new girl and kira are bff's and kira and i get in fights all the time cause the new girl needs good friends what i do?

And this new girl Taylor apparentally needs good friends since her parents are rude to her. But if i am friends with her then she is really rude. And whenever i am with both Kira and Taylor they leave me out. i really don't know what to do. i tried talking to Kira about it but she just says Taylor needs good friends, and won't listen to me. What should i do?

What is the best website to buy dresses for girls?

There are somethings to consider when buying a dress for a little girl. What kind of party is it? Is it casual or formal? How much are you willing to spend? For a causal dress, I would go with Macy's. For a formal dress, Nordstorm had a really good selection on dresses.

Good girl names?

these are really good girl namesmakaylaciaramegansophinasashajasminejazminetahliahbriannashelleycristaldaneshaajaiasiakapriat'anajailentarabriahmeekhiryariyaryanetamikojayzenacarinazaryiaayannakiaradaijakenyachantellezinniquekaylakailalailacaylacailataylorkayleehailey

What is a good dress for 14 year old girl?

Lately I've really been enjoying the dresses at Forever21, they're affordable and very cute. I would start there :)

What is a good shop to go to to buy a dress?

it depends where you are in the world. In Australia there a great shops like valley girl, Dotti, forever new, sports girl, jay jays, target, Myers, David Jone's, etc. they are all really good shops

What should you say to a girl who have just bought a new dress?

You could say something like "That dress looks amazing on you! You have great taste." or "Wow, the color of that dress really suits you. You look fantastic!" Complimenting her choice can make her feel good about her purchase.

What is a good costume for a 13 year old girl?

Fairy costume dress & wings

What is a good website to find a dress for an 11 year old girl?

Ebay ! definetley

What color or type of shoes would look good with this dress?

girl, you decide what dress? please be more specific and/or show a picture or link

Why is it so that you don't get horned for the very first time when it is even the first time of having sex its for a guy im asking i am a guy here my girl is 17 and i am 24 is it because of that?

Well im a girl and because it needs to start good then really really lovey