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There has been no confirmation from Urs if the baby has been born though gossip sites say he had a son some time in december I belive in fact they had a daughter some time in december

No. No what!!!! They didn't have a girl, they didn't have a boy or you don't know as Urs hasn't officially announced anything its pretty much a guess.

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Q: Urs buhler Christmas baby
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What is the sex of Urs Buhler's child?

The baby is a BOY.

What is the birth name of Urs Buhler?

Urs Buhler's birth name is Urs Toni Buhler.

When is urs buhler baby due?

The baby has been born and Tania is back at work and everyone is happy and doing very well.

Where does urs buhler live?


Why is everybody saying that Urs Buhler from Il Divo and Tanya Rodney are expecting a baby if Urs Buhler recently said that because he is so busy right now it is not the perfect moment to have a baby?

Actually the baby boy was born in late December, because on December 14, when people saw her at GMTV she was still pregnant and Urs told fans "not yet". I heard that they had a baby girl and called her Billie

What is urs buhler's brother's name?


How tall is urs from il divo?

Urs Buhler from the group Il Divo is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He a born in 1971 in the country of Switzerland.

Does Urs Buhler from Il Divo and his girlfriend Tania Rodney have a baby?

Yes, the baby is here now. :)The baby is born.

Is tanya Rodney urs buhler girlfriend or grandmother?


Is tania Rodney having the baby in London?

Tania Rodney is having a baby by former boyfriend Urs Buhler. However, it has not been made public if she will be having the baby in London.

Why is Urs Buhler's from Il Divo girlfriend Tania Rodney looks so old in pictures and also in video which is his real age?

Urs Buhler will be 38 on July 19, 2009.

Do you have a picture of urs buhler and his girlfriend?

We don't know who is Urs Buhler real girlfriend. Kelly Phelan, or Erika Barkolova, or somebody else. When we solved this problem, we can find pics of them on internet.