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Urs Buhler will be 38 on July 19, 2009.

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Q: Why is Urs Buhler's from Il Divo girlfriend Tania Rodney looks so old in pictures and also in video which is his real age?
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How old is Urs buhler's from Il Divo girlfriend Tania Rodney because she looks so old?

Tania Rodney was said to be 43 years old in January 2009.

Why is Urs Buhler's from Il Divo girlfriend Tania Rodney looks so old in pictures and in video which is her real age?

Tania is not 43, she is at least two years younger. Tania Rodney is 43 years old--its well documented on Il Divo forums and her webpage. Really now? Let's see the webpage then. Yes I don't know where this is well documented sounds like gossip to me Tania Rodney has no web site and it is not documented on the official site

Is tania Rodney having the baby in London?

Tania Rodney is having a baby by former boyfriend Urs Buhler. However, it has not been made public if she will be having the baby in London.

How old is Urs Buhler's girlfriend Tania Rodney because she looks very old?

I don t know, but I would say she is over 40 Years old.

Who are the make up girls for il divo?

Her name is Tania Rodney.

Does Urs Buhler from Il Divo and his girlfriend Tania Rodney have a baby?

Yes, the baby is here now. :)The baby is born.

Who is Tania Rodney?

She is the pregnant girlfriend of Urs Buhler who sings with Il Divo. She is also their make up artist. The baby has been born and she will not continue to be their make-up artist when they begin their 2009 tour.

Is Tania Rodney older than Urs Buhler and by how much?

Yes, by about 4 years.

Has tania Rodney had a son?

rumured to have had a daughter but no official info has ever been posted

Where did URS Buhler bought a house?

In France. South France. He lives alone, because he broke up with his girlfriend Tania Rodney after ID tour 2009. She lives in London with their kid Billie, and he lives in France.

Is Urs Buhler and Tania Rodney engaged does she actually have a ring or are they just playing house?

I guess they are not engaged, as he recently referred to Tania just as his English girlfriend and not fiancee. That was in an interview he gave to a Swiss publication right before he did his promo in Italy for the new CD The Promise. That was in the fall 2008. Their baby is due very soon.

Who played Malcolm in the middle's Israeli girlfriend?

Tania Raymonde