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no if u look at it it's the letter B flipped around. not satanic. just benjamanic

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Q: Is Breaking Benjamin's symbol satanic
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Who is breaking benjamins guitarist?

Aaron Fink

How many copies did breaking benjamins you are not alone sell?

A plethora.

What is ben burnley from breaking benjamins gamertag for xbox 360?


Is the Supergirl symbol satanic?


What is breaking Benjamins next album?

Breaking Benjamin just recently released their fourth album Dear Agony.

What is breaking Benjamins new album?

Dear Agony is the new album by Breaking Benjamin (my favorite song; Drear Agony)

Is the 6 point star satanic?

Every symbol man came up with for satanic rituals can be considered satanic. But the main idea is that symbols are just symbols and the symbol itself is not satanic unless and until someone uses it for a satanic ritual and evil purpose!

When does breaking Benjamins next CD come out?

Breaking Benjamin just recently released their fourth studio album "Dear Agony."

What is breaking benjamins religion?

Some of their members are Christian, but they aren't a Christian band.

What are Breaking Benjamins tour dates for 2013?

There are a number of tour dates for the 2013 Braking Benjamins tour. The complete listing of tour dates can be found on the website Concert Boom dot com.

Is cena satanic worshipper?

yes he is he throws up the satanic hand symbol with means three 6s

What does the symbol V mean?

when doing the V symbol with your hand some say it is a satanic symbol of the horns