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Slipknot use the pentagram with is seen as a satanic symbol.. they have also used the goat on the cover of the Iowa album.. they are wrongly acused of being satanists..

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Q: What is the symbol from slipknot satanic?
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Is slipknot Cristian?

No. Slipknot is a metal band with satanic influences.

Is slipknot santanic?

no, there not satanic at all.

Is Psychosocial by Slipknot satanic?

Slipknot is not a satanic band. The words to psychosocial are based on the memories of different people and the life events that led them to where they are today.

What are Slipknot's beliefs?

You cant classify slipknot in general but joey jordison their drummer is christian. Ik for a fact none of their members are satanic......athiast mabye but not satanic. A lot of people steriostype slipknot as satanic because they play metal. I hope i have helped you lol

What is slipknot religon?

some are christians but 2 are satanic

Is Sean from slipknot satanic?

No members in Slipknot called 'Sean', Shaun Crahan/Clown isn't though.

Why does slipknot act satanic?

It is the shape of a pentagram, so I would assume yes. That doesn't mean they are Satanic though, it's for stage appearance.

Is the Supergirl symbol satanic?


What religion is slipknot?

Slipknot is not satanic. In fact, they don't like religion at all - hence they named a song "Opium of the People" (if you don't get it, look up some Marx quotes). There's a line in "People = ****" that sounds satanic, but only at face value.

Is the 6 point star satanic?

Every symbol man came up with for satanic rituals can be considered satanic. But the main idea is that symbols are just symbols and the symbol itself is not satanic unless and until someone uses it for a satanic ritual and evil purpose!

Which one of Slipknot is satanist which Christian which atheist?

The band SlipKnot may appear 'satanic', but I can assure you there are no Satanists in the band. As for atheist there are quite a few in the band. There aren't any Christians. Hope I helped :)

Is cena satanic worshipper?

yes he is he throws up the satanic hand symbol with means three 6s