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Cabbages grow above ground

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Q: Does cabbage grow above ground or under ground?
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Do cabbage grow above or below ground?

Cabbage grows above ground.

Is a cabbage a root vegetable?

No, cabbage is not classified as a root vegetable. The edible part grows above the ground. Although cabbage has roots, they are not the edible part. Such things as carrot and potato (where the edible parts grow under the ground) are classified as "root" vegetables.

Do sunflower seeds grow under or above ground?

sunflowers grow above ground .

Does cauliflour grow underground?

The roots of a caulifower grow below ground, but the editbla part grows above ground, much like cabbage.

Do cashwes grow above or under ground?

They grow above the ground. On a tree. Have a look at Wikipedia.

Which type of root does cabbage has?

No, cabbage grows above ground, root vegetables grow in the ground (like roots). Examples of root vegetables are potatoes, carrots, radishes, and yams.

Does beet root grow under or above the ground?

Below ground.

What does pineapples grown on?

they grow under ground They grow on little shrubs ABOVE ground. They don't grow on trees either.

Vegetable that grows underground?

All fruit grows above ground, root vegetables grow underground. The most common vegetables to grow above ground are green leafed vegetables such as cabbage and lettuce and vine vegetables such as Runner Beans.

What winter fruits grow in the ground?

grapes cabbage

What is the differences between epicotyl and hypocotyl?

in plants, epicotyl is grow above the ground(monocot) while hypocotyl grow under the ground.

What vegtables are grown above ground?

There are lots of plants on which the edible part is above the ground. Some are tomatoes, peppers, zuchinni, lettuce, cabbage, brocolli, apples, oranges, raspberries, walnuts, pecan, other nuts, parsley, chives, basil, corn, wheat, oats, and many more.