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Apparently in the rush to get the ps2 version out the discs had some problems and some ps2 units usually the fat ones but not always, won't load. I found it out the hard way and bought a new slim ps2 today. Now it works (the same copy of the game that wouldn't load on the fat ps2).

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โˆ™ 2008-02-20 18:45:43
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Q: Why won't rock band load on your PS2?
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Why rock band wont load on your PS2?

some ps2s just can't load it unless your disk is just scratched try it in another ps2 if it doesn't work ther its your disk if it does its your system hope this helps!

How can I play US PS2 rock band on a UK PS2 console?

no the disc wont work

How long should it take to load rock band on PS2?

The video game, Rock Band, should only take a couple of minutes to load on your PS2. If it takes longer than that, there may be something wrong with the game or your console.

Why wont your Guitar Hero guitars work with rock band?

you can use the ps2 one's

Will PS2 Rock Band peripherals work with PS3 Rock Band Game?

yes, the ps2 rock band controllers are actually ps3 controllers but they are ps2 compatible

Can you use the ps2 rock band guitar for the other ps2 rock band games?


Are all the rock bands for ps2?

No Rock Band 3 is not for PS2

Why wont your rock band open for ps2?

It is likely a scratched or dirty disc if other games work fine

Is rock band 3 out for PS2?

No it was not released for the PS2

How can you tell if ps2 rock band controllers will work for PS3?

The rock band controllers will work for both PS2 & PS3.

Is rock band 2 for ps2?

Rock Band 2 is being released for • Xbox 360;• PS2/PS3;• and Wii

Do guitar hero games work for rock band on ps2 system Can I buy drums and mic for rock band ps2 format and rock band game and use guitar hero guitars to make PS2 rock band?

Rock Band games on PS2 only support PS2-style guitars and PS2/3 Rock Band guitars and drum kits. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and newer on PS2 support all instruments from all consoles that the games have note charts for (so no drums on GH:Aerosmith but 360 and PS3 drums work on all full-band GH games).

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