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PS3 online is down because of a hacker!!! You can call PlayStation at 1-800-345-SONY and if you can't do letters, it is 1-800-345-7669!!!! I have already called them and asked them why it is down and they said it is because of a hacker!!!! You can call them and ask them questions!!!!!

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โˆ™ 2011-05-13 00:23:57
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Q: Why PlayStation network is not back up?
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Is the PlayStation Network going to be back up by Christmas 2011?

Playstation Network is up

When will the PlayStation Network be back up in 2011?

PlayStation has announed that they will have it up before may/31/11

When is the PlayStation 3 network coming bake up?

PlayStation should be back up in a few weeks

When would PlayStation network work again?

The network is back up and the PlayStation store was the last to open on June 2 2011

When will the Playstation network or PSN be back up?

The network was down for over 6 weeks and came back up early June 2011

Do you have to have a Playstation to sign up for Playstation network?

You sign up on a PlayStation

When will playstation network be back up?

It is supposedly going to come back up this week (week of may 1st)

When is it available to sign up for PlayStation network?

The Playstation Network is available to sign up for now

When will PlayStation Network comes back on?

It won't. Sony lost their entire database from hackers. So you can't log in, sign up, or download games.

When is PlayStation network start running?

The last item in the network to come back up was the PlayStation store on June 2 2011 after the April 20 2011 shutdown

When will PlayStation network work again?

Network has been back up and running for over a yearThe PlayStation network was shut down on April 20 2011 and it is not known when it will be back on The related question has details and will also be updatedsee related question

Why doesn't signing in PlayStation network works?

Network was shut down April 20 2011 and is completely back up with PlayStation Store opening June 2 2011

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