What does psn error 80023156?

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2012-03-26 18:32:17

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It means you have put in wrong redeem codes on psn and can't try again until 24 hours

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2012-03-26 18:32:17
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Q: What does psn error 80023156?
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What is PlayStation error 8001050f?

A quick check of the forums says that this is a log on error caused by maintenance on PSN's network.

What do you do if your Playstation network connection wont stop timing out?

Maybe it's the PSN servers, but if not you should look on the PSN forum and post the error code you're having.

How do you play psn downloaded games on cfw 5.50 gen d-3?

i downloaded a game from psn i have cfw 5.50 gen d3, but it says an error when i start it. does anyone know how? plzzzz help asap

How do you fix the psn error 80710A06?

It means that the network is down in the most recent use of the error message and it is expected to begin regaining service the 1st week May 2011 see related question

Why do you keep getting signed out of PSN?

Depends what error you have. Recently there has been a network outage, by hackers, so you probably have been not allowed on because of it.

How do you fix 80551021 an error has occurred on psn?

i got some info to fix it wait for up to 7 -12 day ,if it doesn't work do nothing

When your psp use sign up for Playstation network it gets error connection?

The PSN is currently down due to a security breach last week.

How do you change your psn password if you forgot it?

Call psn

Where do you get a psn number for your ps3?

It's actually known as a PSN ID.

What is psn code generator?

A PSN code generator generates codes for PSN code cards for your Playstation.

Does a American psn card work on a psn Japanese account?

No, a Japanese PSN account can only be funded with a Japanese PSN card, one with a yen amount on it.

Why can't you sign into your ps3?

It could be they're doing maintenance on the PSN servers, but I really can't help unless you tell me the error code you're getting.

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