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jockey is a really good brand have never worn or heard of crusoe

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2011-12-27 16:37:55
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Q: Which brand is good jockey or Crusoe for underwear for boys?
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Which girls underwear is the most soft and tight fitting for 12 year old boys?

Fruit of the Loom brand of girls underwear is the most soft and tight fitting for 12 year old boys.

What are boys slips?


What brands dominated men's and boy's underwear in the 1990s?

Two firms, Fruit of the Loom Inc. and Sara Lee Corp., dominated the U.S. men's and boys' underwear industry in the 1990s. Sara Lee sold underwear under the Hanes brand.

What are some of the different types of Jockey undergarments?

Initially, Jockey created the first Y-front briefs in the 1930s and have since designed numerous other types of undergarments. Jockey produces underwear for men, women, boys, and girls. A few of Jockey's mass-produced garments include active mesh thongs, active mesh boxer briefs, knit boxers, sports bras, and so much more!

Does boys have sperm on their under wear?

does boys have sperm in their underwear

Why do panties feel better then boys undies by the way I'm a boy?

Most women's panties are made without seams and with smoother and softer materials. You may want to try silk underwear for men if wearing women's panties bothers you. I you want to wear something similar to panties, I would suggest buying the Jockey Brand "Life" underwear. I wear the bikini briefs and it is just like wearing girls panties. but they are men's underwear. You can purchase them at Walmart for $10.00 a package (5 in a pack).

How do boys pee when they can't pull their underwear down?

Opening the front of their underwear.

What is the best type of underwear for teen boys?

The best underwear for teen boys is boxer briefs. They give enough support and they are not too baggy. The brand depends on how big your penis is and the shape of your butt cheeks. I have pear shaped so thats why Calvin Klein boxer briefs are good for me.

Why do boys wear underwear when they sleep?

Because we want to, not all boys do.

Do boys wear underwear when they sleep?

Because we want to, not all boys do.

What impact does the phrase sell the poor boys liberty have on the meaning of this passage?

It emphasizes the point that Xury is Crusoe's property and Crusoe can do with him as he pleases.

What is the difference between girls underwear and boys underwear?

Boys' underwear has space for the genitals. Girls' underwear does not.With boxers, the difference isn't so important, because there is plenty of room.Also, most mens underwear have flys so they can take their penis out easier when going to the bathroom

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