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does boys have sperm in their underwear

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Yes very often cuz they have wet dreams and do self pleasure

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Q: Does boys have sperm on their under wear?
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Is it true that boys that wear tight jeans lose sperm cells?

No. But men who wear briefs have lower sperm count than men who wear boxers.

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I never wear underwear with shalwar. I used to wear shalwar, kameez and vest only. I wear underwear with my pants only.

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What are some reasons that boys wear boxers?

Boys wear boxers because that's their underwear. Just like girls wear knickers, boys wear boxers.

When do boys sperm?

When they masturbate or have sex. Gay sex is easier for buys to create sperm.

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Yes. The Rowdyruff Boys do wear converse.

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What did boys wear in the 80's

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About 3 inches under the belly button or even more if you want

Do boys Reagan sperm?

Yes, the male body produce new sperm constantly and reuses the unused sperm as nutrients.

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