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You go underground and find a skull fossil. When you find the skull fossil, take it to the professor in the museum in Oreburgh City. He will take your fossil. Walk out of the museum and when you go back in, he will have revived a Pokemon called Cranidos which will evolve into Rampardos at level 30. Another option would be to trade with friends or going online and using GTS(Global Trade Station). The Skull fossil is pretty rare and you can only find it in Pokemon Diamond. A good website for Pokemon guides and info would be

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Q: Where can you find rampardos?
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Where can you find rampardos in Pokemon pearl?

you can find him in the secret room

Where can you find a rampardos in Pokemon Diamond?

You can obtain a Rampardos in Pokemon Diamond (Note: not in Pearl) by levelling up Cranidos to level 30.

Where to find a rampardos?

You can evolve Cranidos in Platinum and Diamond, but then you have to trade.

When does rampardos evolve?

Rampardos does not evolve.

Where do you catch Rampardos?

you don't catch rampardos you have to go underground find a skull fossil go to orebrough city in fossil museum talk to the man get cranidos level it up to level 30 and it evolves into rampardos

How do you get Rampardos in Pokemon platinum before stark mountain?

Rampardos can be obtained any time after you gain the Explorer Kit (As you need the Explorer Kit to find the Skull Fossil), revive at Oreburgh and there you've got Cranidos which evolves to Rampardos

What Pokemon deck has Rampardos EX?

No deck has Rampardos EX. The Skull charge theme deck has rampardos.

What is better Bastiodon or Rampardos?

If it where me it would be Rampardos. bastiodon is better as it will take an attack off rampardos and then come back with iron head or metal burst and finish rampardos in 1

How do you evolve Rampardos in Pokemon Indigo?

Rampardos does not evolve into anything!

What does rampardos evolve into?

Rampardos evolves into sodrapmar at lv.80

What type of Pokemon is Rampardos?

Rampardos is a Rock type pokemon.

What level will rampardos evolve?

Rampardos doesn't evolve, but I think you mean cranidos. Cranidos evolves in rampardos at lv 30.

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