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The name of the actor who plays Jonah is Aaron Albert.

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Aaron Albert

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Q: What is Jonah from icarly real name?
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What is iCarly's Sam's real name?

ICarly's Sam's real name is Jennet ( i think that is how you spell it)

Is freedies real name fredward on iCarly?

Yes Freddie's real name on icarly is Fredward.

What is Spencers real name on iCarly?

Jerry Trainor is Spencer's real name on iCarly.

In iCarly what is Freddy benson's real name?

In ICarly Freddie Benson's real name is Nathan Kress

Has sam from iCarly had a crush on anyon while on iCarly?

yes...... Jonah

Who Plays Jonah on Icarly where Jonah Gets the Wedgie Bounce?

Jonah is played by Aaron Albert

What is freddies name real name in icarly?

His full iCarly name is Freddie Benson and his name in real life is Nathan Kress.

Who plays Jonah on iCarly?

Aaron Albert

What is chucks real name on iCarly?

That would be Ryan Ochoa.

The sam on iCarly what is her real new name?

sam on icarly's real name is jannet mcurdy.i dont think i spelled it right though

The real name of Spencer in iCarly?

Spencer Shay's (a character from the show "iCarly") name in real life is Jerry Trainor.

What is nevel on iCarly real name?

His real name is Reed Alexander, I believe.