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His real name is Reed Alexander, I believe.

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Q: What is nevel on iCarly real name?
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What is nevle's real name off iCarly?

Nevel is played by the actor Alexander Reed.

What is the episode iPity the nevel from iCarly about?

Nevel's conflicts with the iCarly gang.

What is nevels real name from iCarly?

The actor who plays as Nevel Papperman in the television series "iCarly" has the real name: Reed Alexander.

Does nevel in iCarly have a girlfriend?

In the show he doesn't, but in real life I'm not sure.

Why does nevel mess with you?

If you mess with Nevel from Icarly he will mess with you.

Who hates iCarly?


Is nevel real?

Yes he is but "Nevel Papperman" is his stage name and Reed Alexander is his real name :)

Is greyson chance nevel from iCarly?


Is Nevel on iCarly smart?


What is the name of the episode of icarly where nevel won a new car?

iGive away a car

Who is nevel off of iCarly?

he likes Carly

Who is stealing iCarly in the new episode?

Nevel in icarly iwant my website back