Who is nevel?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nevel Paperman is a character on iCarly. In the first episode where he is introduced, he is the creator of a popular site called Nevelocity (which is not real). After realizing that they were never mentioned on Nevelocity (where anything cool is mentioned, a guest character said), Carly, Sam, and Freddie try to meet with Nevel. Nevel arranges to meet with Carly. She is driven by Spencer, her brother in the series, to his home. Answering the door is a woman who they at first believed to be the wife of Nevel. Nevel is in fact a young boy about Carly's age. During the meet, Nevel tries to kiss Carly, causing her to throw food angrily at his face and leaving with Spencer. He wants revenge and writes a bad review on his site about iCarly. In the end, the iCarly main cast members resort to telling his mother of his bullying and she in turn punishes him and orders him to go write something nice about Carly's webshow, what he really thinks of it. Nevel appears several more times in future episodes as an antagonist who constantly tries to sabotage their webshow and still try to kiss Carly.

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Q: Who is nevel?
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