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Jill is in the first and third resident evil game. Alice is a character made for the movie. and she goes off into the desert by herself

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2011-09-13 12:11:07
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Q: What happens to Jill on Resident Evil movie?
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Is Jill Alice in resident evil games and what happens to Alice in resident evil after the 2 movie?

Jill is in the first and third resident evil game. Alice is a character made for the movie. and she goes off into the desert by herself

Will there be another Resident Evil movie with Jill?


What games does Jill Valentine come out on?

Jill valentine comes out in resident evil 1, resident evil 3 and resident evil 5.

Is Jill valentine alive in the resident evil movies?

Yes Jill Valentine is still alive within the Resident Evil film series. In the novelization of Resident Evil: Extinction it is explained that Jill eventually leads her own group of survivors after proving to be a great asset. In Resident Evil: Afterlife the current movie, Jill is in the final scene, shown to be bad because she is being controlled by Wesker, like in the Resident Evil 5 game.

Which movie is Resident Evil 2?

In the movie industry, Resident evil 2 would be considered Resident Evil Apocalypse. Although, Apocalypse is also based on RE 3 considering of Nemesis, Jill, Carlos and the blowing up of Raccoon.

What happened to Jill Valentine after Resident evil 2?

she appeared in resident evil 3. then she appeared again in resident evil 5.

Did Jill valetine die in Resident Evil?


Which movie is better Resident Evil Extinction or Resident Evil Degeneration?

I personally thought that Resident Evil, Resident Evil Extinction and Resident Evil Degeneration were the best. I didn't really like the 2nd one very much even though it had Jill and Carlos in it. So, my opinion is I choose both.

Who invented Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 5?

Capcom. check out Resident Evil 1.

What happens to Jill on resident evil?

she has died just before the events in resident evil 5 but some people say she has faked her death because there is a mystery figure in resident evil 5 and people think its her If you play Resident Evil 5, you'll figure it all out. Wesker survives so he probably took Jill to do whatever to her and made her his minion in re5

In resident evil does Jill valentine betray the stars after her supposed death?

she doesent die in resident evil and whene she did almost die she was in bsaa but Jill is the the bird face lady in resident evil five

Why doesn't Jill valentine or Angela show in resident evil extiction?

Because she was busy with the movie Eragon. She will be in the 4th movie.

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