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The device that the fuse is protecting is causing the fuse to blow. It could be in the conductors that feed the device. Disconnect the device and see if the fuse blows. If it doesn't, then the wiring to the device is good. If the device is a motor load it could be seized bearing that cause the problem. With the rotor stalled the current will go high and blow the fuse. If you know an electrician, see if the device can be meggered to see if the internal wiring has gone to ground and is short circuiting as this will also cause a fuse to blow.

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Q: What causes the ac fuse's to keep blowing out all the time?
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What is a fuse rating?

Fuses have two basic ratings. The first is current rating. The current rating is the amount of current that a fuse will safely pass before blowing. When the current flow through a fuse exceeds its rating, it opens up and breaks the circuit. If a fuse has a 5 A rating, it will open as current flow through it exceeds 5 amps. It is useful to note that there are some fuses that are designated as time delay. These fuses will sustain current in excess to their current rating for a short period before blowing. The fuse that blows immediately when its rated current is exceeded is an instantaneous fuse. The other way fuses are rated is by voltage. So when selecting a fuse, be sure that both the current and voltage rating are suitable for the application.Fuse rating is the permissible minimal current to pass in the fuse element,without causing the fuse to blow or melt.

Why does the shared fuse for the lighter and power door locks on my 1995 Saturn SL2 keep blowing?

Most of the time this is a corroded or bad lighter. Disconnect the lighter and if it no longer blows the fuse, replace the lighter and lighter receptacle.

What does an orchestra's conductor wave to keep time?

orchestra's conductor wave to keep time

Which fuse is the fuse for the dash lights and the tail lights on a 1996 Ford Contor They both went out at the same time so you assume it is the same fuse?

Yes, on many cars the dash lights and the tailights are fused together. If it keeps blowing fuses, you may have a corroded tailight bulb. I hope this helps you. Mark could possibly be the headlight switch as well

How come the fuse that powers your dash lights and your tail lights keep blowing on your 89 jeep Cherokee?

Dead short in circuit Remove all bulbs and sockets Replace fuse and start replacing bulbs one at a time to determine where problem exists so you can repair

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How do you fix the emc fuse from blowing every time I turn the key on?

some emc squash the wiring harness and end up breaking wires which earth out on the body and cause shorting out which causes the blowing of fuses

I have a 1998 Oldsmobile achieva that keeps blowing one fuse that disables shift lock air conditioner abs cruise control and automatic shifting. Anybody have any ideas?

if it keeps blowing fuses, look for a bare wire going into the fuse panel or a bad ground wire. There is a direct current all the time to keep blowing the fuse.

What causes fuse to keep blowing on neon 1996 each time you replace it?

Short or incorrect size fuse. Make sure you are installing the correct fuse. If so, look for a short in the wiring.

Where do you look when you keep blowing fuses for the gauge lights each time you turn on the headlights?

it depends on what you drive if its some kind of car under neath the hood on the right side with a box covering it or look below the steering wheel above the collom

Signal fuses keep blowing in 94 Chevrolet s104x4?

Either a dead short or overload in circuit? Remove all bulbs turn on sigenal switch and replace one bulb at a time until fuse blows then check that socket for short to ground

You keep trying to replace a fuse on your 1988 camaro but every time it touches the box it blows what causes this?

You have a short circuit that keeps blowing the fuse. Find and repair the short before putting a in new fuse.

Why does the fuse keep blowing on your air shocks on a 96 linclon?

Most of the time the air compressor is locked up.

What would cause your air conditioner to stop blowing and at the same time cause your radio not to come on?

sounds like just a blown fuse. get you owners manaual out and find the listings for the fuses.

What causes mechanical weathering by blowing sand and exposed rock?

Acid rain that comes from pollution can damage exposed rocks over time.

MDL vs ADL fuses?

The difference between MDL fuses and ADL fuses are that MDL fuses are a slow blow fuse with a long time lag. ADL fuses on the other hand, are normal blow fuses with a medium time lag.

Why would the fuses on a 1996 Ford Mustang keep blowing out every time you use the signal light or when you put it in reverse?

you have a bad ground or a hot wire is touching something it shouldn't be.. the reason it also happens when u put it in reverse is because of the reverse lights, check the wiring on both of your taillights

Why are all dashboard electronic components gages tachometer AC radio cigarette lighter etc on 96 altima dead and how do you get these systems working again?

...a short in the system somewhere? Did you have any electronic work done recently? Have you checked your fuses? Does it keep blowing the same fuses? I had a problem just like that once before and it turned out to be a penny stuck in the cigarette lighter. Another time I hooked up a wire wrong while I was installing a stereo and when I turned on the headlights, it would blow all my fuses. Schtuff happens!

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