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Butts butts butts butts :) its true

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Q: What animals live in a rocky desert?
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What do you call the animals that live in desert?

Desert Animals.

Do fleas live in the desert?

Fleas do not live in the desert per se. They live on animals as parasites and many times those animals are in the desert.

What animals live in Siwa?

There are currently 4 animals that live in Siwa: The Desert Fox, the Desert Dear, the Desert Rat, and the Desert Bird You will be lucky to see such as these animals with your eyes, as these animals are so extinct

What are the Arabian desert animals?

suck balls.... nah just kidding . desert animals are animals that live in the desert

What do desert animals live on?

Desert animals either feed on plants or they feed on other animals.

What animals live in the that biggest desert?

Antarctica is the biggest desert and the only animals that live there are penguins and seals and sea lions. Most of these live along the coast and not in the interior of the desert.

Why is a desert an ecosystem?

An ecosystem is a place where plants and animals ( maybe humans ) live and animals and plants live in the desert so … 

Are camels desert animals?

They are just adapted to live in the desert.

Which animals live in the hot desert?

falcons , camel and sheep live in the hot desert...

Do animals live in the desert?


What animals can live in a desert?


What is interesting about the desert?

the animals which live there.