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The 40 Year old Virgin

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The 40 Year Old Virgin

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Q: WHAT MOVIE You know what I respect women I love women I respect them so much I completely stay away from them?
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What did women do during world war 2 that help them gain respect?

Worked in jobs that men away at war ususlly held.

How did the Revolution affect American women?

During the American Revolution the women gained respect for all that they were able to do. Women proved that they could manage their homes while also taking care of the responsibilities of the men who were away fighting.

Is it ok not to get your period at all when you have the Mirena IUD?

Completely normal. One of the ways Mirena works is by thinning the lining of your uterine walls, which are what causes your period. It will lighten your period by around 90%. In some women it goes away completely. S

What state of matter has particles that break away completely from one another?

A gas has molecules that completely break away from one another.

How do you get more respect from your girlfriend?

First, respect her, and show by example. Ask for her respect. If she cannot be respectful, it will be a bad relationship. She needs to learn respect. Read up on abusive and healthy relationships. If she is abusive, it is better for you both to separate. you should ask her nicely if she can be more respectful.if she tells u not to tell her what to do find a girl your type

Do women get away with crimes because they are women?


In the movie Pretty Women Edward's father passed away what was his name?

It never mentions the name of his father. The film only refers to him as "your father".

When will the second Cirque du Freak movie come out?

There probably won't be one, considering the first one lost money, and the movie strays too far from the original plot line. They couldn't make another movie without cutting completely away from the books.

Use the word cleavage in a sentence?

Cleavage does not always mean nudity. cleavage between two hills was huge.

Are women or men more likely to be emotional abusers?

Women Women are very likely to get away with it.

In fly away by Ralph helfer what plan does helfer develope to make the flies do what is needed fo the movie?

He uses the fly tranquilizer to make the flies groggy so they will be too tired to fly. When he calls the flies to fly away, his noise startles the flies into waking up completely and flying away.

Amerindian women compared to women of today?

todays women can go in public but the ameridian women could not. women today cannot be taken away and just be given away unlike the ameridian women. women today can be with anyone but the ameridian women were limited to only men. now women can do whatever they please other than ameridian women.