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Yes, but you can NOT use anything objects to hit them! and you can not leave marks! you can ONLY use your HAND! that is it! and the child has to be fully clothed! if you strip them or use any objects it IS CHILD ABUSE! if they scream because you have hit them too hard it IS CHILD ABUSE!

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Q: Is it legal to spank a child in California?
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Is it legal to spank children in North Carolina?

Yes it is legal to spank a child.

Is it legal to spank your child in Wyoming?


Is it legal for someone other than parents to spank a child?


How many times can a parent spank a child in the U.S.?

There are no set legal limits on how many times a parent can spank a child in the United States.

Is it legal in the US to spank a child with a hammer in the head?

most likely not.

Is it legal for parents to spank a seventeen year old?

If the child needs it.

Is it legal or illegal to spank a child in Virginia?

Assuming you're talking about parents spanking their child -- it's not illegal to spank your child, but it is illegal to abuse your child (they're different things).

Is it legal to spank your child?

Yes, it is perfectly legal. It's just a choice of how you are going to dicipline your child. It depends on the definition of "spank". The law recognizes the need to see to the upbringing of your child, but the state will step in and prevent a child from being assaulted, even by his own parents.

Is it legal to leave a bruise on a child's behind?

If we are talking about spanking etc no it is not legal to spank so hard you leave marks.

Can a step-mother spank a child in Tennessee?

If the father has sole custody of a child, and agrees to let a step-mother spank his child then yes, she can. However, if there is joint custody it has to be an agreement between all parents, otherwise there can be legal repercussions.

Is it against the law to spank your child in Kentucky?

nope spank on

Is spanking your child with a belt legal in Hawaii?

Yes u can spank your children anywhere just don't kill them

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