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West Virginia is one State that does not have a clearly defined spanking law and it's fuzzy at best to know if spanking is acceptable or not and the CRC is trying to put their agenda in. Since spanking without injury is not considered child abuse in West Virginia then the parents can decide what punishment (within reason) they can use on their children. These rules should be followed: * Generally all laws that are pro spanking states that a child from the age of 2 or less should not be spanked. * A parent should try all other methods of punishment and use spanking as a very last resort. * Children should not be spanked while standing up. * Children should not be twisted and pulled by any appendage to receive a spanking. * Children should not be spanked when one or both parents are enraged at their child and should 'cool off' before administering a spanking. * Razor straps, belts or any object by hand should not be administered as a spanking method to a child. * The position for spanking a child is taking them over your lap and bend their knees upward and use an open hand with one or two stern slaps on their buttocks, but not a pounding! There is a war going on amongst parents, Child Aid, some churches, to name a few are against spankings and all forms of spankings should be abolished, but some parents are fighting back because other disciplined are not working well for their children. More beatings or over disciplined a child is done by a good parent who has had enough and is at the end of their rope. However, it is a noted fact (study done by a group of psychologists) .. some for and some against spankings that children who are not disciplined at home in a correct manner (including spankings as a very last resort) are more likely to become uncontrollable during teen years, get into more trouble at school and some commit crimes. Some psychologists found that by spanking children as a last resort the children were less likely to get into trouble and they did better in education and melded better into the business world. The world is full of rules and it's up to a parent to teach their children that if they do something wrong they will be disciplined for it.

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* 2008 United States Spanking allowed in all states; the line between permitted corporal punishment and what is legally defined as abuse varies by state and is not always clear (laws typically allow "reasonable force" and "non-excessive corporal punishment") Virginia Supreme Court: Excessive, unreasonable, or cruel punishment is unlawful. A parent has the right to administer such reasonable and timely punishment as may be necessary to correct faults in children. The right cannot be used as a cloak for the exercise of malevolence or the exhibition of uncontrolled passion on the part of the parent. Punishment must be within the bounds of moderation and reason and for the welfare of child, if due moderation is exceeded then parent is criminally liable. The age, size and conduct of child will be considered as well as the instrument used for punishment and the kind of marks or wounds inflicted on the child's body. Carpenter v. Commonwealth, 44 S.E.2d 419 (Va., 1947)

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Assuming you're talking about parents spanking their child -- it's not illegal to spank your child, but it is illegal to abuse your child (they're different things).

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Q: Is it legal for parents to spank their children in West Virgina?
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