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chapter 3: enter sasuke! volume 1

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Chapter 282/episode 33

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 33

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Q: In what Naruto Shippuden episode do you first see Hinata?
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In what episode of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden dose Hinata appear?

there are a few times hinata appear in naruto, too many to be listed. as for shippuden, try episode 90 onwards where team 7 goes on a mission with team 8 and episode 166 where hinata fights with pain (if you are a big fan of hinata, i suggest you dont watch this episode) go wikipedia and type "list of nauto episodes" or "list of naruto shippuden episodes for more details.

What episode does Hinata fight magnet dude?

Episode 190 in naruto,pre-shippuden,but still in the first naruto series. It's in the filler episodes

What episode do Naruto and Hinata meet for the first time in Naruto Shippuden?

She appears in naruto shippuden episode 33

What is the first episode that Naruto and Hinata kiss?

There is no first episode that Naruto and Hinata kiss because they don't kiss.

When does Hinata first pass out in Naruto?

in naruto shippuuden 1st episode when hinata sees naruto she passes out

What episode are naruto and sai in hospital?

And Sakura slaps them? xD That's actually Shippuden Movie 3. ^_^

In which shippuden episode does Naruto see Hinata in the bath house?

naruto shippuuden episode 311

Where is Hinata in shippuuden?

We first see Hinata in episode 33 of Shippuden titled: The New Target

What episodes does Hinata come out on Naruto and Naruto Shippuden?

Hinata shows up around episode 40 but she is still incredibly shy of talking to Naruto. In episode 33 of Naruto shippuuden she still blushes and loses conscious when she mis-hears Naruto (amusing). In episode 166 (Manga Chapter 437) Hinata confesses to Naruto, but we won't see anything of this develop for a long time as the Manga (which is much farther ahead of the Anime) doesn't touch on the Hinata*Naruto thing as far as I've read (Chapter 500)

Which naruto episode does team 8 first appear?

The Target Appears episode 97 of Naruto Shippuden

In what episode does Naruto leave for traini?

in the very last episode of the original naruto and he comes back on the first episode of Naruto shippuden

What episode did Hinata faint after she saw Naruto wrapped up with bandages in the Hospital?

well i know it was some where in the chunen exams episodes maybe after neji all most killed her _________ it was episode 147 or 148 then it's part 2 at 7:26. (so I think this is like the ending of episode 147 or something) this is basically the starting point of the bikochu beatle arc. ^^