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release the lake Pokemon in the Galatic HQ building

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Q: How do you open the door in mount coronet?
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How do you get passed the door in mount coronet to catch Dialga?

You have to go to Hearthome and go in the mountain that way.

How do you get past the galactic grunt blocking a door in Platinum in Mount Coronet?

clear the distorted world

Which floor is the azure flute on in mount coronet?

The Azure flute is not on mount coronet you have to get it from a special Pokemon event

Where to go in mount coronet to find Palkia in peal?

you need to get to the spear pillar that is the top of the mount coronet to find him

Dragon claw Pokemon diamond besides mount coronet?

There is no other place to get it besides Mount. Coronet. Sorry

How do you get absol in platinum?

mount coronet

Where do you find dragonair?

in mount coronet

Where do you get the key to open the door to mount olimpus in poptropica?

There is no key. Hercules breaks it open.

How do you get past the secret door in mount coronet in Pokemon platinum version?

you need to have been to lake acuity and then the team galatic headquaters in veilstone city.

Where is the galactic boss?

he is at the top of mount coronet

How do you climb mount coronet?

follow the paths

What route is Mount Coronet on pearl?

look for it