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This certainlly depends on what type of worm you're talking about.

If it's a simple everyday, find one in your backyard, kinda worm..then you're in luck!

  • Just dig up some soil(earth) where you might have found the worm. (if you found the worm on the pavement dig up some moist, fertile soil. Potting soil MAY be O.K...please make sure there are no harmmul chemicals!!)
  • Put some small flowers, maybe little dandylions that pop up in your yard, or maybe those pretty purple and white ones if you have those.
  • Find a decent size container or tank. Not too big. Not too small.
  • Don't place 24 hour light on the worm's new home. Place in a windowsill where they can experience everyday and normal daylight and night.



  • If you have a rabbit/hamster/or small pet with small, solid 'poop' , carefully take the 'poop' with a small shovel and or/hand covered in plastic glove and place in the soil to give the soil more richness and feel more "homie"
  • *remember than worms practically LIVE in dirt and soil!!!*
  • If you can find some, take some dead&decaying insects, small rodents, etc...and place into the soil or on top to decay into the soil & or dirt. (MAKE SURE YOU ARE USED TO THE SMELL OF DEAD&DECAYING ANIMALS PLEASE!!)

Have fun! And be careful with the WORM!

Worms are animals too. So treat them with care, and don't neglect them.


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Q: How do you keep a pet worm?
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