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Spongebob briefly had a pet worm called Rex, it was supposed to replace his pet snail Gary, but it did not stay very long. Mr Krabs had a pet worm called Mr. Doodles.

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It has two names: "Wormy" and "What Friends Do"

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Q: What is the song on SpongeBob about wormy called?
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Who is Wormy on SpongeBob?

Wormy is the pet that SpongeBob got when Gary left:-(

Where is Wormy in SpongeBob the Yellow Avenger?

you have to have super speed to get to wormy. you first have to jump on the fragile platforms and then go straight from there and you'll find wormy.

What is the SpongeBob theme song called?

It's just called the Spongebob Theme Song

When did the SpongeBob SquarePants come out?

i think he came out right around when the "wormy" episode came out..

What is the song on the credits that show SpongeBob doing stuff?

It is called "Spongebob Squarepants Theme song"

What metamorphosis does wormy have in SpongeBob?

Wormy is actually a caterpillar, not a worm as his name implies. He turns into a butterfly overnight (even though it takes about two weeks for a butterfly to emerge from a chrysalis)!

What is SpongeBob's favorite song?

spongebob's favorite song is the song of his show

What song does SpongeBob sing in the dome?

It's called "Sweet Victory"

What is the song played at the end of SpongeBob in the super dome?

It is called Sweet Victory and is by spongebob not a band It is not by SpongeBob, It is however called sweet victory but the "Band" is David Glen Eisley. Hope this helps...

What is the instrumental saxophone song in party scenes on SpongeBob SquarePants Such as when Spongebob has two parties in Spongebob meets the strangler?

It is called Flamingo zone. Who is the artist ? It's not Flamingo zone, It's called Saxaboogie by Harry Bluestone

What is the song for the SpongeBob dace?

crank that spongebob

How do you play the FUN song from SpongeBob on the recorder?

"i know the short commercial song notes of spongebob (GABGDG). but sory i dont know the fun song of spongebob."