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Brain cells start to die at around 106 or 107 F

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2007-11-23 21:39:35
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Q: Can Hot temperature kill brain cells?
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Do hot cheetos cause to lose brain cells?

In fact hot Cheetos do not make you lose brain cells they increase your brain cell activity so you are more awake and able to concentrate -Dr.Justin

What is feels like temperature?

Body was hot and brain headache

Can you kill sperms by hot towel wraps?

No, though sperm formation benefit from the lower temperature in the testes, increased temperature will not kill them.

Does your brain control your body temperature?

Yes by telling it to sweat if hot and shiver if cold.

Does hot or warm water kill germs?

Hot hot water. It should be at least 100 degrees celsius (boiling temperature)

Why doesnt the bread grow to a huge size in hot oven?

because yeast cells die at a hot temperature

Could Heat From Hot Springs Kill?

Heat from a hot springs could kill if the temperature was high enough. Hot springs are created by water running underground near a sealed magma chamber so their temperature is fairly constant. So depending on how much water, and the proximity of the magma would determine the temperature of the hot springs.

Do hot tubs reduce sperm cells?

The sperm need to be cooler than body temperature, hot tubs increase the temperature of the testicles above body temperature and production of sperm is decreased.

When the temperature increases. what does the brain do to try to maintain a constant temperature?

In hot weather the brain causers the vessels to move close to the surface and dilate. In cold weather it causes the vessels to move away from the surface and contract.

Why do you faint on a very hot day?

Your body gets to hot. If you don't drink ALOT of water, your body runs out of water VERY fast, if you don't drink water. Answer: During extreme heat the human brain that co-ordinates body temperature gets signals from the body to cool & supplies fluids through blood supply that drains out from the brain to dehydrating organ cells & tissues in the extreme heat.This is the reason for fainting. If the brain is kept at cooler temperature than the body then a person does not faint.

What helps bacteria grow?

bacteria need to be at the right temperature to multiply (room temperature) which is why we freeze/cook food, temperatures that are to hot and too cold kill the spores (bacteria) and therefore kill them

Why does your body temperature change when you are ill?

Your body is trying to make it hot enough on the inside to kill the invaders.

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