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PSpice is a program to simulate analog and digital logic circuits, where Matlab is a fully functional programming language designed to plot mathematical functions, implement various algorithms and solve complex mathematical problems.

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2014-06-10 20:45:21
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Q: What a difference between pspice and matlab?
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What has the author John Okyere Attia written?

John Okyere Attia has written: 'Saving time and money using the internet' -- subject(s): Electronic commerce, Teleshopping, Internet 'PSPICE and MATLAB for electronics' -- subject(s): PSpice, Design and construction, Very large scale integration Integrated circuits, MATLAB, Data processing, Electronic circuit design 'Solutions Manual for PSPICE and MATLAB for Electronics'

What is the difference between matlab n visual basic?

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What is the difference between xilinx and matlab software?

Xilinx is a package. Matlab is a package and language. Xilinx requires a HDL program to execute the required logic. Matlab requires the Matlab program for that purpose. Xilinx is used for digital electronics. Matlab is used for signal processing.

How do you solve central difference in Matlab?

Possibly the Program Stepping Operator by Matlab.

What are objective question in pspice?

The Objective question in pspice What is schematic editor, Show step by steps how to draw a circuit, Show how to open the Pspice file.

What is the difference between matlab and simulink?

MATLAB is the programming environment, you need to program in the command window or m files. SIMULINK is used to do simulations, it has many blocks ,you just need to drag and connect them as you need.

Where can one download PSpice?

There are plenty of places in order for one to go to download PSpice. However, it is suggested that one should check out from the main website of PSpice.

How pspice 9 works?

PSpice 9 is a computer program that works with Microsoft Windows. A person just has to make a circuit file to tell PSpice what to do and the program will then work on its own.

What is the full name of pspice?

PSPICE stands for Personal Computer Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis

What tools do engineers use?

Engineers are field specific i.e. Electrical ,mechanical, civil etc. but they use some basic tools and some specific tools. most of them are Software based tools. e.g Electrical - MATLAB, OCTAVE, PSPICE , STEP7, C++(lang), Microcontroller, Arduino , Digital multimeter, microcontroller burner, etc Mechanical- AutoCAD, ProE, MATLAB, etc Civil - AutoCAD, Pro E, surveying tools, MATLAB, etc.

What are the advantages of pspice?

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What is the difference between tin and zinc?

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