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chicken enchiladas...? :)

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Q: What food did Bella cook in chapter 4 of Twilight?
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What is a type of food that would be in The Twilight Saga?

In Twilight Bella eats Stuffed Mushroom Ravioli. Yet Vampires do not eat food.

In Twilight what are the Cullens cooking?

Italian food for Bella. vampires dont eat mortal food.

What do you mean of the look of anger what did that mean and why when Rosalie hales smashed the bowel in twilight?

it means that a person was given a really angry glare or look, in twilight Rosalie smashes the bowl because the family have gone to the trouble of trying to cook human food for Bella when edward tells them she has already eaten so now their efforts have been washed. she also doesn't like Bella nor does she agree with Bella knowing what they are and being part of their family.

What does edward eat in book 1 to show Bella what happens when he eats human food?

Edward takes a bite of pizza to show Bella what happens when he eats human food in book one of the twilight series.

Does Bella know how to cook?

Bella cooks really good food for Charlie almost every night up until she leaves home and Sue takes over.

What is Bella Swan's favorite food in twilight?

Isabella Marie Swan's favorite food was a cheesburger drenched in ketchup with 3 pickles. (I asked Stephenie Meyer myself.)

Rosalie Cullen from the movie twilight smashed the bowel why?

she smashed the bowl because they went to all that work to make Bella food, which they don't eat, and Bella says she isn't hungry. That and the fact that Bella might blow the family's cover.

What car did Esme have in Twilight?

she don't got no car, she don't really go into public unless she's getting human food for Bella

What Twilight questions should you ask them to see if they r a Twilight fan?

SPOILER ALERT!ask them...1) Does Jacob kill Caius? A:no2)What is bella's baby's name?A: Rennesmee3)Can Edward eat human food?A:yes

Is Stephenie Meyer in Twilight?

She did appear for a few seconds. She was at the cafe where Bella and Charlie eat. She was on her laptop and the waitress served her some food. Meyer is also in every Twilight book. She simply calls herself "Isabella Swan." == ==

In the book Twilight when does Edward Cullen take a bite of pizza?

Bella asks him if he could eat human food - and he said 'you can eat dirt, right?' and h does then

What is a related snack to the book twilight?

Red apples! In the first book edward catches Bella's apple when she dropps it... Red apples, Italian food [watch Twilight movie, you'll get it], blood....blood....blood... are you having a Twilight related party? Lol that would be fun....

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