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Q: What college has the most offensive linemen drafted by NFL teams?
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Which NFL teams have drafted the most Offensive Linemen?

as of this year only the Vikings have

What college football teams have had the most players drafted in the NFL since 1988?


Colleges to NFL?

college teams with really good players will be drafted into the nfl through scouters from teams who need back ups for there starters those players soon may get drafted into the nfl

What NBA players won college championships and NBA championships for the teams that drafted them?

Micheal Jordan

How many teams can a coach have?

One head coach, but other assistants. The other members of the team are: Assistant coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, special teams coach, quarterback coach, running back coach, offensive linemen coach, wide receivers coach, defensive linemen coach, linebackers coach, and secondary coach. All these are needed for a football team. In total that is: 12.

What college football teams have had the most players drafted in the first three rounds of the NFL since 1984?


How many teams drafted Jackie Robinson?

5 teams

What teams did Babe Ruth get drafted by?

He got drafted by red sox and then played for Yankees

How do you join the MLB?

There are a couple ways to get into the MLB. The most common way is to play college ball and get drafted by one of the 32 major league baseball teams.

Who are the Women drafted by NBA teams?

Lusia "Lucy" Harris was drafted by the New Orleans Jazz in 1977.

What teams did Tom Brady play for?

Tom Brady has played for the following teams: College: University of Michigan (1996-1999) Professional: The New England Patriots (2000- Present; Drafted by the Patriots in round 6 in 2000)

How many college football teams are there.?

There are approximately 119 College Football teams.

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