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Most non-Canadian hockey players have been drafted from American teams to the Canadian teams.

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Q: Why are there non-Canadian hockey players on Canadian hockey teams?
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How many Canadian ice hockey leagues are there?

there are 6 canadian hockey teams

Which NHL teams had the most players on the 2010 Canadian Olympic Hockey team?

San Jose Sharks (4).

What are the names of Canadian hockey team?

there are a few different canadian ice hockey teams

Why do certain hockey teams have considerably more players than others?

Some hockey teams might have better hockey areas to play on and have a better chance to win. Some people might not know how to play hockey and that is why some teams are lacking hockey players.

What nationality makes up most NHL hockey teams?


When do hockey teams hire new players?

in the begening of a new season!!

How many Canadian players are on all Canadian hockey teams?

Here are the current roster totals:Vancouver Canucks: 13Edmonton Oilers: 16Calgary Flames: 16Toronto Maple Leafs: 16Ottawa Senators: 8Montreal Canadiens: 13

Do Canadian football teams have 11 or 12 players?


What has the author Donald W Anderson written?

Donald W. Anderson has written: 'Hockey that changed the world and me : $b the story of great Canadian teams of the 1930's, 40's & 50's' -- subject(s): History, Hockey, Biography, Hockey players

How many Canadian nhl hockey teams were there in 2006?

In 2006 there were 6 Canadian National Hockey League teams. They were the Vancouver Canucks, the Calgary Flames, the Edmonton Oilers, the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Montreal Canadians, and the Ottawa Senators.

How many players on the ice at one time for a hockey team?

for both teams counting the goalie is 12 players

How many teams in Canadian Football League?

Twelve (12) players are on the field per team in Canadian Football.

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