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There were three of them as follows:

Napoleon I (Bonaparte) from 1804 - 1814

Napoleon II (Son of Napoleon I) ruled for one month in 1815

Napoleon III (Nephew of Napoleon I) ruled from 1852 - 1870. also known as

Louis Napoleon

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There were three Napoleons:

Napoleon I - Emperor of the French People.

His son, Napoleon II, nicknamed "L'Aiglon" (the Eaglet), son of Napoleon I and Mary-Louise of Austria, who died in Vienna in 1832 at the age of 21.

Napoleon III - Emperor of the French People, the nephew of Napoleon I, whose name was Louis-Napoleon.

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There has been one Napoleon Bonaparte. We use the family name Bonaparte when speaking about his early years under the French revolution, and his first name from 1799 onwards, for his period as emperor.

His nephew Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte was emperor under the Second Empire, between 1852 and 1870.

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Q: How many Napoleons were there in French history?
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