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You are pregnant when they stop...

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2010-10-24 05:42:14
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Q: Your periods are regular but im still not getting pregnant?
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If you do not have regular periods can you still get pregnant?

yes onces u get your first period u can get pregnant

Can you get pregnant with the contraceptive implant and still have periods?

can you get pregnant when your on the implant and still have periods

If you have had 2 normal periods is there a chance you could still be pregnant i have some symptoms....?

If you had two normal periods , the chances of you getting pregnant are very little.

If a man ejaculates and you have no symptoms of pregnancy and still have regular periods could you still get pregnant?

no Not unless he does it again and his timing is better.

I dont get regular periods can i still get pregnant and how can i tell if i am?

yes you can stil get pregnant and there is no need to worry. A simple pregnancy test will work.

Can you breast still be sore while on your period?

Breasts usually get sore when you are pregnant and not when you are having your regular periods.

Does getting your periods confirm that you are not pregnant?

....No it does not confirm that you are not pregnant although it is unlikely there have been cases where women still receive there menstrual....

Can you still be pregnant if you get your period after being late for 1 month and you have no cramps?

You might not be pregnant, you know. Sometimes it's regular for your periods to be irregular.

What are the chances of getting pregnant two days after periods?

You could still get pregnant, it's just lower risk than when you are ovulating

If your on birth control and you get pregnant will you still get your period because of the hormones or will you not get your period like a regular pregnancy?

If you are pregnant you will not have any periods until after the child is born.

Can you bleed for 1 day and still be pregnant?

you can still have periods and still be pregnant

Can you have a baby if you finish your periods?

Yes you can still get pregnant after you periods.

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