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Irregular periods can be caused by many things. in order to find out you chances of pregnancy, you need to investigate the cause of the irregularity. it could be Polycycstic Ovary Syndrome, which can be treated quite easily.

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Q: If I'm not regular what are my chances of still getting pregnant?
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Your periods are regular but im still not getting pregnant?

You are pregnant when they stop...

What are the chances of getting your period but still being pregnant?

About a 5% chance.

If your on your period can you still get pregnant?

When you are on/having your period, it is usually when you have one of the highest chances of getting pregnant.

What are the chances of getting pregnant from pre-eajculate if penis is not fully inserted?

low, but still possible

If he comes in you what are the chances of getting pregnant?

If this happens there is only a 99.99 % of chance that u will get pregnant. So don't worry there is still the 0.01 % chance you are not pregnant.

What are the chances of getting pregnant two days after periods?

You could still get pregnant, it's just lower risk than when you are ovulating

Do your chances of becoming pregnant while on the pill increase the more?

They do not. Taking the pill decreases the chance of getting pregnant, but it is still possible to become pregnant on the pill.

What is the pill called to stop women getting pregnant?

Birth control pill is a general name for a group of medications that can greatly reduce the chances of a woman getting pregnant. There is still a chance of getting pregnant, but it is greatly reduced.

Used pull-out method to birth control since 13 daysexpecting next periods on the 9th of April if there are chances of getting pregnant then how to prevent from getting pregnant at this stage?

It doesn't matter - you can STILL get pregnant no matter what!

What are the chances of getting pregnant after 35?

Still good. The really low chances don't occur until much later - say mid- to late-forties.

Would having your implanon removed 7 months ago still be affecting your chances of getting pregnant?

No it can not. Remember it can take over a year to get pregnant normally.

Can taking methadone for a certain length of time effect your chances of getting pregnant?

No, Pregnancy can still occur if methadone is being used.