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if he tells u to do something then do what are teacher told us to do,just tell him that your on your period

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Q: Your boyfriend ejaculated in you but you got your period the next day?
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Can you be pregnant if your partner ejaculated in you and got your period the next day?


Your Boyfriend Ejaculated in you on your last day of ovulation 12days before your period is due can you be pregnant if your period still comes?

If your period comes, it's unlikely that you're pregnant

You had bad cramps which you always get a day before your period and your boyfriend and you had unprotected sex and he ejaculated in you and your period never came. could this mean you are pregnant?

Yes, this certainly is a possibility.

Your boyfriend and you had protected sex and the next day you started feeling period symptoms are you pregnant?

user-generated content: report abuse= Your boyfriend and you had protected sex and the next day you started feeling period symptoms are you pregnant? =

What does it mean when your period is a week late then last for only 4 days stops then the next day when you urine theres a little bit of pink when you wipe and a guy ejaculated in you?

you could be pregnant

You finished your pack of dianette and began your period on the last day of your period you had unprotected sex with your boyfriend but took your pill the next morning can you be pregnant?

yes you can get pregnant this way

Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculated inside during intercourse and the next day you are experiencing mild cramping?

There is always a chance of pregnancy when you have unprotected sex. The mild cramping could be from sex. If you had sex right before ovulation or during ovulation, there is a huge chance of pregnancy. If you miss your period then take a pregnancy test. Hope this helps.

What if you are spotting and then the next day you had your period does that mean im pregnant?

If your spotting one day, then get your period the next day, that would indicate that your are NOT pregnant...

Do you start counting when your next period is from the day you started or the day you ended your last period?

from the day it ended.

1 day late and the next day have light spotting?

If your period is one day late and the next day you have light spotting, it could be the beginning of your period. It is quite normal for the first couple of days of your period to be light.

If your period is 26 days and the last period was 3 nov 2007 when is your next period?

If you mean that your last period started on the third then the next one would be due on the 29th IF it remains at a 26 day cycle. Cycles are not always exactly the same from month to month. Start counting the days from the first day of your period. Don't include the first day of the next one when it comes as that is day 1 of your next cycle.

How do you start your period the next day?

You can make it come later... But not exactly the next day. Try maybe tyring excersise for a day or two(not too tyring or youll miss your period)