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If your period is one day late and the next day you have light spotting, it could be the beginning of your period. It is quite normal for the first couple of days of your period to be light.

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Q: 1 day late and the next day have light spotting?
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What if you are spotting and then the next day you had your period does that mean im pregnant?

If your spotting one day, then get your period the next day, that would indicate that your are NOT pregnant...

What do you call when a woman period come one day and then it leave the next day?


Could you be pregnant 4 days of spotting 1 day bleed then spotting for the next 3days?

If you had unprotected sex, yes you could be pregnant even with the spotting.

Can light spotting on the day period was due then brown discharge the next 2 days be a sign of pregnancy also having nausea and sore breasts?

Yes - take a test

You were late by a day and now all im doing is spoting can you be pregnancy?

It is possible, spotting is a symptom of pregnancy though considering your only one day late you shouldn't assume quiet yet.

How long does implamation bleeding last?

one day maybe 2 but its very light spotting if that

Is the last day of spotting heavy?

No all the spotting should be light , and not last as long as your normal period. Yes, this is very normal during the early weeks of pregnancy.

If you took a pregnancy test one day then come on your period the next day are you pregnant?

I very much doubt it but some woman can have light periods, sometimes called spotting during pregnancy. Do another test to be sure or visit the doctor.

If you have spotting a day before your period is due you have never had spotting before could you be pregnant?

Spotting before you get a heavier flow is very normal...If you are normally like clockwork and you only have spotting and do not get a regular flo within the next 3-4 days then it is very possible that you are pregnant and that the spotting is implantation bleeding.

Spotting after period?

I've just got done with my period a week ago, but i had intercourse the day before my last day of my period and then a week later i had intercourse again..the next day i startiung apotting and the day after i was spotting a little more heavier...whats the meaning to this?

What if i had my period for 3 days then started spotting the next day?

You are OK. That is just the final days of your period. Sometimes the flow will be hard for two or three days and taper off to spotting.

Are you pregnant if your period was 1 day late light pink and brown at first then the next day turned dark red stringy and have small blood clots but lighter than usual?

yes you are !

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