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Q: You walk naked in front of your own sister you just want to show your penis to her is it ok?
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Is it wrong for your son to walk around in his underwear even though he's 23 and have his penis out in front of his mom and or sister?

Yes it is. It's very disrespectful. It's their home too and they should have the choice whether they have to look at him naked or not. He's not a child anymore. Wearing underwear when home alone just family is one thing but naked? No.

Is it weird for your sexy cousin to just get into your bed naked and put her hand on your penis then get out?

Yes, and that is bad.

Is it weird to have a crush on my friend's sister after I saw her naked?

no...just because she is your friends sister doesn mean she isn't a female.

Would it be gay if you were laying naked in the ocean and a starfish brushed your penis and you ejaculated?

No...just a form of beastiality I'd guess

How do you impress a boy you like and he likes you?

you just get naked in front of him or if you in the classroom grab is balls.

What do Mexican people wear during Christmas?

nothing there just naked!! and always in front of someone!!

How do you get naked infront of a boy?

just stand in front of him and start taking off ur clothes.

My sister saw me naked what should I do?

Just be more careful in the future & should she have questions, refer her to one of your parents.

Is it ok to sleep naked with your big sister?

I honestly do NOT believe it is appropriate to sleep naked with your big sister. I think it is ok to sleep naked but why would you want to sleep with your big sister that way? not at all approite it how old are you? is she sleeping naked to? As you both get older it might come back to disturb you... And also what if someone at school told everyone? Just sleep Naked with a stuffed animal. , rmorong

How do you know why your son gets naked in front of his male friends?

what age is he , what age is his freinds ,do there do it for a dare . does he go nude in front of family , so many unanswers question to answer . just tsay to him ENJOY , Ido going naked , love it

What is it called when you and your girlfriend lay in bed 2gether naked anddo stuff but you dont put ure penis in there vagina?

you just want to see their body

What phobia is the fear of big penis?

magnaphallophobia. There isn't actually one I can find, but fear of penis is phallophobia so I just put big in latin in front of it Or Hippopotamonsterphalophobia.

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