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For health hazards of polystyrene, type polystyrene in the ask box, go all the way down to the last definition. Click on the underlined words Health Hazards, and you have a full paragraph on polystyrene.

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Q: Would polystyrene beads in a bed pillow be a health hazard?
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Where on the MSDS would the emergency and first aid procedures be found?

Health Hazard Data

Which type of cups keep hot water hottest polystyrene plastic glass?

Polystyrene is a plastic. I think you meant "polystyrene foam", which would be correct.

Where would you find any McDonald's polystyrene container?

does McDonald's serve coffee in polystyrene containers

Which one of the following would you classify as public enemy number 1 in terms of a pollutant health hazard?

It would depend on the context and location, but globally, air pollution from vehicles and industrial activities is often considered a significant health hazard due to its widespread impact on respiratory health and potential for long-term health effects such as heart disease and cancer.

What hazard symbols would be found on drain cleaner?

The hazard symbols that may be found on drain cleaner could include: corrosive symbol (causes burns), health hazard symbol (may be harmful if ingested/inhaled), and environmental hazard symbol (harmful to aquatic life).

Is polystyrene ball heavier than iron ball?

No, iron is denser and heavier than polystyrene. An iron ball would weigh more than a polystyrene ball of the same size.

Is carpet in a rental unit toxic and a health hazard if its had water damage?

Most likely - it would need to be tested for mold.

3 types of hazard?

There are many types of hazards. Three examples of hazards would be hazardous waste which includes toxic chemicals. Another hazard would be health hazards caused by communicable disease. The third example of hazards would be pollution and greenhouse gases.

How does black mold feed?

Well.....FREAKIN GET THE MOLD OUT OF YOUR HOUSE! Or I would move houses, because it's a real health hazard

Where can one purchase polystyrene balls?

Someone looking to purchase polystyrene balls can find them at any hobby or craft store. Michael's would carry polystyrene balls. Online, one can purchase them at Amazon or eBay.

Is expanded polystyrene a thermosetting or thermoforming plastic?

Polystyrene is a very poor conductor of heat. This is why its used as an insulator in some products.

Pasteurized milk is allowed 20000 cfu ml how many colonies would be present if 1ml of a 10 -3 dilution was plated is 20000 cfu ml a health hazard?

If 1 ml of a 10^-3 dilution is plated, the number of colonies would be 20 colonies (20000 cfu/ml / 10^-3). Whether 20000 cfu/ml is a health hazard would depend on the specific bacteria present and their pathogenicity, as well as individual health conditions. Generally, a high level of bacteria in food products can pose a health risk, especially for vulnerable populations.